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Anything But Love

January 12, 2020


I am Shadow and he is Death
We are infinities in ourselves,
but limited by life and light.
We get drunk on galaxies
Season them with stars
Set them into motion,
Shake them up
We raise our cup to God
And lay in the infinity of Nothing
With nothing to look at but each other
Everything that touches him dies
I can touch nothing
A perfect match
Is this love? he asks
Can we love? he asks
Is there love in death or shadow?
Of course, darling I say
What is Death, but God's love for creation, calling it closer to him?
What is Shadow, but a friend with promise never to abandon?
How can be but love?
How do anything but love?
If we had faces we would smile
If we had bodies we would dance
If we had voices we would laugh
But instead we simply lay
With nothing to look at but each other


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1 Comment
  • K.L. Rose

    Sorry, you just stole my breath. I love this so much

    11 months ago