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wishes that become the stars in the night sky

By: aditi

PROMPT: Star Wish

I wish that I can make a difference.

I wish to find my own special place in the world.

I wish that my family, friends, and I can experience 'joie de vivre.'

I wish for opportunities.

I wish for fulfillment.

I wish to see the wonders of this beautiful, unique world before it dies.

I wish for humans to open their eyes and just see.

this is something that i've wanted to say for a while. hope you agree. 

Peer Review

I feel like these things are something really relatable that a lot of people wish for. I especially relate with the last one because I feel like some people can be so ignorant to the world around them. Great job!

I think it would be awesome if you were to expand on the second to last wish, because it's such a cool idea that would make a really good piece.

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