Tony Spencer

United States

I am NOT the best writer and will never claim to be, but I still love to, and nothing can change that.

Message from Writer

Please Enjoy my Writing, I put my all my effort to posting writing daily. Please enjoy!

The Nights Blessings

January 10, 2020

The feeling on a peaceful, quiet night fills my heart with childish joy. I enjoy looking upon a night sky, listing to the bugs buzz, the peaceful birds tweet they're sleepy song, the smell of mildew and milkweed, its all so entertaining. I watch the comets streak across the dark sky, leaving its energy behind as it cloaks into the night sky. Laying on my back, watching the bugs skim across the pond, I close my eyes, preparing for the new day to come, leading me into a land full of dreams, looking at places of wonder. Eventually going to open my eyes, seeing a bright, pleasant sky to enjoy until the night stars come once again.

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