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I'm a 13 year old girl, who loves to write. I apologize is anything doesn't flow with the rest of what I am writing. I'm trying though. I think I'm a good writer, but I'll let you decide that. XD

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(This is actually how I feel.)


January 15, 2020


You avoid meeting his gaze,
But you wish he would meet yours.
You wish he would forget what you did,
But you wish he would remember you.

You wish you could reverse time,
But you know you would do the same thing.
You know you did it out of true love,
But you also regret it.

You did it to make your life better,
But you ended up making it worse.
You know you wouldn't change what you did,
But you wish he changed what he did.

Your love is one-sided,
But you wish it were two.
You love him with all your heart,
But he doesn't love you.

You fell for him,
But he didn't want you to.
You need him.
But he wants to live without you.

You blush every time you see him,
But he doesn't even notice you.
You want him to regret what he did,
But he doesn't even remember it.

You pretend to forget about him,
But he haunts your mind.
You need to forget.
But your heart still longs for him.

You struggle to let go of your emotions,
But you realize you have to. 
You want to let go so badly,
But your heart belongs to him.

You are heartless,
But he has two.
You want it back,
But he stole it from you.
Just so you know, all of the love poems I write are based on how I actually feel. Including this one. Just FYI this is a second person point of view. I hope you all enjoyed! You will definitely see more love poems from me. 


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    15 days ago
  • Raquel

    Certainly captures heartbreak...sad and beautiful.

    16 days ago
  • Fernweh

    Beautiful poem...so relatable!
    Keep Writing!

    about 1 month ago
  • FoxLilly106

    Good job! That definitely defines your life, girl. -.-

    about 1 month ago
  • Jilly17bean

    Thank you! That was my first time writing in that POV. It honestly was really different and fun! And it is based off of how I feel, so that's probably why it seems realistic. 'Cause it is!

    about 1 month ago
  • V-Rose

    I love this poem! It has a lot of conflicting emotions that kind of make it seem realistic. Great job on this. And I love the second person POV. (I have never been able to write that way.)

    about 1 month ago