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January 9, 2020

PROMPT: YOU in threes

She lay on a bed of wild flowers and aromatic grasses, the lifeblood of the earth connecting to her heart. It felt almost as if the grasses and roots were pulling her down, intoxicating her. But salvation from above came as she felt the warmth of the sun’s dying rays tickle her face, planting kisses along her cheekbones and nose. Left behind, a pattern of stars; new constellations mapped across her ivory skin. Lower down on her body, stretch marks were blooming like lightening strikes, creeping and tracing along the lines of her body. Long brown eyelashes shut against the light as a wide smile completed her. The peace she felt was incomparable. 
Short, stubby fingers traced the lines of flowers and dug into the cool soil. The skin around the nails was scuffed and pulled after years of biting. On her right hand, the fingers bulged in odd places after writing; her left hand had doodles and a small reminder to feed her cat. Small moles were splattered across her fingers and arms, nearly blending into the dusting of freckles. 
She gazed up at the passing clouds, fluffy and cheerful. They were bright white against the cornflower blue sky, but towards the east they were beginning to be streaked with pink and purple. Her thoughts began to wander dangerously existential territory. She was not looking up, but out. Into an impossibly infinite abyss. Every inch was covered with invisible stars that could house any number of life forms. The secrets of the universe were ready to be explored and she felt nearly as if she could let go of the Earth’s surface and fall. If she could float through the vacuum, fly infinitely through space that looked as if a small child had gone to town with white paint and a toothbrush. If the earth could pitch her forward, she’d be limitless. 
As a bee lazily drifted over her head, she was brought back to reality. It became very interested in her. The bee landed on her long, crooked nose. She could feel its little feet under her skin and she kept still it was as if she was made of marble. Eventually it lost interest and drifted over to a large yellow flower. 
Becoming aware that it would soon be dark, she decided to take a slow walk back to take in the sunset and the final warmth of the sun relaxed her. As she sat up slowly, at least three pops came from her spine. Pulling a face, she summoned the energy to get up and planted her feet squarely on the ground. In order to make her hair presentable, raked a hand through mid-length auburn locks. There were bits of grass in her hair from the time she spent lying down that she pulled out. Ruffling it playfully, she gave up. The walk back was peaceful, as insects danced in front of her, also enjoying the summer sun. By the time she reached the fence, the sky was darker, streaked with bright purple. Her skirt got caught on the fence as she jumped over and she landed heavily on the grass. 

Official Answers here: 
3 Quirks or idiosyncrasies: Wearing all the vintage, playing with pens and putting them behind my ears, writing on my hand someone stop me. 
3 Specific physical descriptions: roman nose, freckles and many stretch marks. 
Im not sure if this was what the prompt was getting at but here we are, I'm happy with it


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