Isla-Grace Davies

United Kingdom

My name is Isla and I always try to do the write thing.

Message to Readers

I'd love some feedback as I'm considering submitting this piece as my university sample and I'm not too sure whether it's good enough. Thank you!

Is a Mirror Still a Mirror if it's not Reflective?

January 9, 2020


And we’re not in love. Darling,
We’re not even in like. A hammer
Through the Perfect Reflection shatters
A heart, or two, or three. You’re archaic.
Rather a cold, cold vigil than your scraping
And snarling. Look. Through the mosaic

Shards of the Cracked Reality. Keep all hands,
Arms, feet, and legs inside the vehicle.
This glass is too sharp. Watch. I scorn
Her sorrow for you, absentee.
The accessory who grasps desperately
at an arm, a hand, a heart. Me.

You don’t need to go
Anywhere but you need to want to. You don’t
Need to be successful but you need
To want to. You have everything. Sit amidst
Your dazzling beauty, your perfect words, 
Your effortless resist.

Our shoes, rubbed raw, on wooden planks.
Our ghostly photos shadowing the walls.
Our crisp love letters. See. We were okay
Once. Maybe. Why have you got that face on?
I’m telling you Don’t Be A Brat. You know
If the wind changes you’ll be stuck like that.
How many times am I going to rewrite this poem?


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