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To answer a common question I get my inspiration from observation of myself, other people and usually day dreaming :)

A Penguin Poem

January 21, 2020

Tom and Tony were penguin brothers
Closer than any penguin other
They were getting excited for the festive season
For a very good reason
They got the best gifts every single year
Their parents worked hard to spread Christmas cheer
All the presents would be shiny and new
Wrapped up nicely inside their igloo
But this year, not long before Christmas day
Tom turned to Tony to say
“We should get something special for mum and dad!”
“Yes!” Tony said and thought harder than he ever had

Tom gasped "What about those shells that shimmer?"
"They're down deep, but we're good enough swimmers!"
Tony sighed, "Tom you don't have your waterproof feathers"
Tom huffed "Well, we should definitely get the gift together"

But every gift they thought of, just wasn’t right
The two penguin brothers stayed up for most of the night
Until finally Tony realised and gave a shout
“I know just the person to help us out!”
“That man at the North pole, he’ll know!”
Tom nodded happily and decided next day to go
The brothers marched in the cold, morning wind
They waddled out with heads down, very determined
Tom and Tony kept going through the icy cold
Trying their best to be brave and bold
The night quickly swooped in over their heads
And soon the little penguins wished for their beds
Meanwhile at home their parents began to worry
“Wherever they’re going, I hope they’re back in a hurry!”
Their Mum said, “they must have gone out to play”
“Don’t worry” Dad said “I’m sure they’ll be back for Christmas day”
Meanwhile, in the dark distance Tony saw a warm light!
He fluffed his feathers excitedly as it burned bright
Tom eagerly flapped his flippers, almost slipping
“Don’t trip!” his brother said as the wind was nipping
The brothers eventually reached the north pole grotto
And from inside they heard a booming “Ho! Ho! Ho!”
Tom’s eyes shone as sat next to the fire that roared
Was a red suited and black booted Santa Claus!
Santa’s eyes twinkled as he invited the brothers in
And as he heard their question, he gave a grin
“We want to give our parents what they need!”
Tony exclaimed, “Could you help us, please?”
Santa chuckled and gave an understanding sigh
He offered them cosy blankets and a mince pie
“It’s brave of you to travel here alone,
But how do you think your parents are feeling at home?”
Tom and Tony didn’t have a clue
“I’m sure they’re missing both of you”
The brothers, though they were now warm and snug
Realised they just wanted to give their parents a hug
“Your love is the only thing they want to receive,
Now let’s get you home since it’s the night of Christmas eve”
Tom and Tony waddled to leave and get on their way
Santa chuckled again, “it’s too cold to walk, we’ll take my sleigh!”
The brothers gazed over the side to see the view
Their flippers flapped excitedly as the sleigh flew
Never before had they seen such an amazing sight
As nine reindeer galloping in the air at night!
Finally, Santa directed the reindeer to their igloo
“Goodbye Tom and Tony! I’ve got some deliveries to do!”
Santa and his sleigh rushed off back into the night sky
The brothers grinned and shouted back “Thank you, goodbye!”
Within seconds, the big red sleigh was out of sight
Tom and Tony shuffled themselves towards the igloo light
They opened their flippers and ran in as fast as they could!
Their parents were up and worrying, as parents would
But their little penguins ran in for a cuddle
The penguin family had the warmest penguin huddle
“Where did you go?” exclaimed their Dad
The brothers saw their parent’s worry and felt bad
“We wanted to get you a present for under the tree!”
Tom said, “I’m sorry we didn’t find one” Tony added anxiously
Their parents smiled, “you don’t need to get us presents”
“But you get us the best ones!” Tony said, still feeling tense
Their Mum chuckled saying “all I care about is that you’re with me”
Tom thought hard saying “so should we be wrapped under the tree?”
Dad laughed, “the best gift is being with anyone that you love and loves you.
For us, it’s our fluffy, funny, flappy penguin crew!”
Soon the clock struck midnight and the penguins got into bed
Their parents tucked them in. “Merry Christmas” they said
“Merry Christmas!” said the penguin brothers
Falling asleep soundly, closer than any penguin other


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