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The Man Preys

January 8, 2020


A classmate went missing
No friends to  mourn
Never will be found
The Man has got them

He lures you in
The most hurt and broken
No one will care if you vanish
The Man has made his mark

He's made his claim
You can not escape
Run, run, cry, and scream
The Man is on his way

Begin losing sleep
Food won't stay down
He wants you weakened
The Man doesn't like a fight

Piercing cold
Chills down your spine
His eyes are paralyzing
The Man is here.
The Man is referring to your insecurities and fears. The period at the end is to show that it's the end, not only of the poem, but of the subject/character. They have driven themselves to their end.


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1 Comment
  • Deep_Breaths

    Daaaaaang. This is crazy!!! You should write a sequel! :)

    11 months ago