I love reading books and writing. I am 15 years old and obsessed with Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes (both books and series), Twilight and Divergent. Also, music is life!

Bouncing back.....soon

January 9, 2020


So I have been missing from this site for quite a while and I do not like that. I would love to amend that mistake but that will take me another two months. I love writing and reading and sometimes I find myself distracted from my studies because of them. So I have taken a small break for now just to focus on my board examinations from February to March. I have soooo many ideas planned and that keep coming to me and I have to resist the urge to open my laptop and just type away. I usually always proof read my writings and re-read them almost 2 to 3 times but this piece is unedited and Im just pouring out all the feelings that I am feeling right now. Not as if someone is eagerly waiting just for my writings out there, but I'm sorry I was gone for so long. I miss this site. All the people here, even though I barely know anyone of you in real life. The point of this whole rant is that  I love this site and I want to and will resume very soon. Hope you all understand....


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  • Samina

    Best of luck.. I understand your point even though I am not in 10 but 9th.Hope to see you back very soon.

    3 months ago
  • Dmoral13

    Can't wait to read your future creations! Best of luck and hope to see you back soon! Best of luck with schooling (WTW is very distracting for me too, literally my school work is what I should be doing). SO aka, totally understand!

    3 months ago