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this was written very quickly, but i slapped down as much info as i could. as this series continues, i'll add more tips and tricks as i go along.

an idiot's guide to worldbuilding PART ONE

January 8, 2020


wassup homies.
i am never going to say that again.
i thought i'd take some time to explain the basics of worldbuilding as according to my understanding, and maybe that might help you in making your own sci-fi, realistic fiction, and fantasy worlds.

so where should we start? a PANTHEON!? a strict GOVERNMENT!? what about a myth of an ANCIENT DRAGON SLAYER HERO WHO SAVED THE WORLD!??!?!?!???!?!?!?
imma stop you right there. these are all ultimately things we'll need-- or at least things like them-- but we don't need to waste our time on things we don't have the proper info for yet.
so... where do we start then?
first, give your damn world a name. something that speaks to you, and that will guide your idea. people name things after what they are reminded of, so it'll make sense to name a world after a prominent feature. for instance, earth is called earth because of the prominent feature of... well... land!
in my own new world, i call it MECHANA SHILDANA for a variety of reasons. MECHANA sounds like mechanical in some fantasy language, and SHILDANA just sounds epic. I'll figure out what SHILDANA means after some more culture building.
but we aren't even there yet.
does your world have nations? empires? countries? states? let's start with one. name a country and the main feature of its topography. then name a providence or city. then name a city if you named a providence/state.
now we have everything we need to get started on the basics of worldbuilding. we don't need a grand scheme, just a simple thing we can put a short story into to flesh out our ideas.
now, who lives here? humans? let's start with humans or human-adjacents just for simplicity.
here comes the part where you gotta put in lots of effort. who are these humans? what is their general attitude and basic culture? do they farm? do they build weapons? this part takes a while but is important in establishing a culture.
are the humans the only kind of humans around? are there other races? what do the humans think of these other races? are there monsters? what do humans do with these things?

wowa, that got tough faster than you might have expected. but let's put this into perspective, once again using my MECHANA SHILDANA as an example.

nation: Iludar
city: brannsa
who lives here? humans
who are they? the remnants of an ancient empire
attitude and culture? family-oriented and traditional
what do they do? hunt desert beasts and train sentient machines to farm
are they alone? no
who else is there? the oldrian on the outskirts of towns
are there monsters? yes, the oldrian are often considered monsters
what do the humans think of them? they believe them to be demons

i made all this up on the spot or with very little thought. slap your ideas down as fast as you can; revisions come later.

notice how i didn't make a single bit of history yet. that comes later. for now, try focusing on these details and brainstorm what makes sense. if your world has monsters, think of how that may impact how the city is built. it'll probably be protected in some way.
next part, we'll cover myths and history, and the next one after that will be magic systems and technology.


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  • Upsidownpenguin

    one more thing to add: you can do this as many times as you want, over and over until you've gotten the basics of an entire nation. if you want to do this approach, the next step will be a little more difficult. i strongly recommend starting small and then expanding later on, but fleshing out the cultures in an entire nation works too.

    3 months ago
  • Wicked!

    Thanks for writing this! It's really helpful.

    3 months ago
  • CrazyNinjaKid

    So useful, thanks brother

    3 months ago
  • Anha

    v useful, much help

    3 months ago
  • weirdo

    *sigh* we’re just gonna pretend i spelled that correctly

    3 months ago
  • weirdo

    ay i’m an idiot :)
    thanks fir writing this upsy! it will definetely be helpful to a lot of people!

    3 months ago