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mwah! incapable of writing normal footnotes. wtw’s resident soft knight in shining armor. wave a hanky to say hello—i’m always eager to converse!
legend has it that i'm notorious around here for: well, ask me and find out.
can be seen trying my best to be sweet in comments OR wielding daggers. please do not interact with me if you: support bigotry (racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc), demean movements such as BLM, glorify Trump, or anything that goes along with these. i've discussed such stances in my pieces already and want no part of them.
talent manager is joella. she’s a sweetheart—go greet her!

The Knight Princess and the Tower Princess

January 21, 2020

In the far, fabled land of fantasy and magic, there exists exactly what you would imagine! Dragons breathing fire, trolls guarding bridges, and valiant knights saving kingdoms. Every character plays one role.

Well, then there’s Princess Jade.

“So let me get this straight,” says King Quartz. “You want to become a knight?”

“Yes,” answers Jade, confused. “I’m a respected warrior, anyways.”

“But you’re a princess.”

“Well, I can be a princess and a knight!”

King Quartz sighs, leaning his head back on his throne. Finally, he says to his daughter, “Alright, Jade. Complete this quest for me, and I will knight you as the bravest of all the lands.”

So that is how Jade ends up on a dirt road, happily riding her horse Buttercup with her sword at her side and a quest map in her hands.

“Hold, girl!” Jade whoops, tugging on Buttercup’s reins. She looks at the map. After days of tiring travel, she reaches the first trial of her quest. 

The Troll of the Bridge. It is feared across kingdoms, known to eat travelers that do not answer its questions correctly.

Jade hops off of Buttercup. She calls, “Sir Troll! I’d like to cross your bridge, please!”

A huge figure approaches, stomping in front of the bridge. It stands on two legs, completely covered in white fur, with gleaming fangs hanging from its open mouth and ivory horns sitting atop its head. 

“Many have wished the same, tiny knight!” The Troll booms. “You must know the consequences, are you ready for my riddles?”

“I’ll take a shot,” Jade chirps, hands on her hips.

“So be it,” the Troll looks thoughtful. Then, after a long while, “Which is heavier, a kilogram of silver, or a kilogram of feathers?”

“Well, that’s easy,” Jade strokes her chin. “Obviously, both are the same weight—”

The Troll looks astonished, until Jade continues, “But the weight of the guilt of plucking feathers from the birds must be very heavy, so, the feathers!”

“Ridiculous!” It roars. 

“It’s a bit out-of-the-box, but not incorrect, Sir Troll,” Jade reasons. “Say, what’s the fun in staying here at a bridge all day? Would you like to come with me on my quest?”

The Troll blushes, embarrassed. It looks down at its clawed feet, and mutters, “My name is Dale.”

And so, they cross the bridge, traveling many days and nights together. Dale becomes a best friend of Jade’s, who learns much about him. Dale is the youngest of his brothers, and wants a younger sister, so Jade volunteers. And sometimes, when Buttercup is tired, Jade sits on his head as they walk.

They reach the next trial: the Wicked City. The rumors across the kingdom say a vicious thief attacks the innocent, sparing none. Only he knows where the Princess of the Tower is.

So Jade hums thoughtfully. Then, she sets down the most delicious cake slice that she has in her bag onto a plate. She steps back with her friends, leaving it out in the open, and waits.

A young boy with wild eyes and a ragged cloak over his body swoops in. He chomps into the cake quickly, glaring at the trio without any guilt.

“Hello, Sir Vicious Thief!” Jade greets happily. Dale waves. “You must be hungry!”

“Don’t you know who I am?” The Thief snaps. “I’m feared in all the lands! I’ll take everything you love!”

“Yet, I don’t suppose you’re a very good thief,” Jade points out politely. She points to the empty plate. “My plate is obviously made of pure gold, yet you only took the cake.  You’re probably just hungry, not greedy.”

The Thief looks sheepish. He mumbles, “I steal to eat, since I don’t have any money. I’d feel bad taking anything else from anyone…”

“Well, how about that!” Jade smiles, holding out a hand. “Why don’t you travel with my friends and I, and tell us where the Princess is? We have plenty of food!”

The Thief smiles, and shakes her hand. “Call me Finn!”

Finn is extremely funny, and great at magic tricks! He sits on Dale’s shoulder as they travel more days and nights, telling his new friends about how mean sorcerers were jealous of his magic tricks and made up rumors across the lands. No one before Jade and Dale was ever kind to him.

They reach an open, grassy land with a tall stone tower in its center. A horned dragon sleeps curled around it.

“Princess Lucelia!” Jade yells to the tower. “I’ve come to rescue you!”

A pink haired girl with a crown peeks out of her tower window, looking annoyed. She yells, “Go away! Many knights have tried, but a witch once cursed me: no man can save me!”

“Well,” Jade grins, looking at her friends, “it’s a good thing I’m not a man, then! I’m Knight Princess Jade!”

Lucelia snorts. The dragon stirs. Jade sprints over, her armor clanking noisily. She stands in front of the mouth of the dragon, and it blinks.

“G’morning, Dragon!” Jade greets. 

The dragon roars in her face, fire bubbling in its throat.

“Hey,” Jade scolds. “That’s rude! I was just going to ask you if I may climb your body to get to the Princess, but it seems you have no manners!”

The dragon blinks, embarrassed. It gives a small nod, and Jade smiles and climbs up its scaly body.

She reaches the window, and holds out her hand to Lucelia. 

Lucelia throws her arms around Jade in a hug. “You really saved me, my Knight Princess!”

Jade hugs her back. “No problem!”

“I’ve been in this tower for so long,” Lucelia looks shy. “Would you…could we be friends, perhaps?”

Jade smiles wide, taking Lucelia’s hand, leading her down to her friends. Lucelia laughs easily, is snooty, and is clingy to Jade, but she fits in perfectly. The group explores and adventures across many lands together.

And as best friends, they live happily ever after.
I wanted to convey a lot of small lessons that I hope all readers (especially young children) can pick up on! The first: Jade feels she doesn’t have to sacrifice her princess role OR her knighthood. I wanted this to represent the idea of girls not having to sacrifice femininity OR strength/power for the other! Be a knight, be a princess, be a knight princess! The second: it’s okay to think differently than what others do or perceive: it may get you across bridges or up towers—think out of the box! The third: kindness and putting yourself in others’ shoes is a piece of cake! And lastly: friends can mean everything in your adventures. (Yes, Jade and Lucelia become best princess friends.)


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  • outoftheblue

    wow chrys did fangirl over dmoral a LOT

    3 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    replying: ...i wish i were taller. honestly if i just slept better and ate actually nutritious food i might get taller but nope. i'm about 155.5 cm or maybe 5'0.5? idk but it's around that area... i'm definitely shorter than you. (zoo animal? lol).
    ps. same, all of my hobbies kinda coincide with writing. i think i'm a pretty boring person but i enjoy doing the few hobbies i have. fashion? that sounds really cool! unlike me, i think you actually dress well haha.
    pps. school trips, we only really have them for electives like orchestra and choir now (and we didn't get one for orch this year). fun fact: i'm an alto 2 in my choir~.
    ppps. ah, miss anha. i don't think i see her that often due to our differing timezones (i like to think it's a completely different world in WtW at night) but her writing that i've seen is pretty brilliant! her monthly highlights are pretty interesting... wait a second you nominated one of mine???? i don't really like doing this monthly highlight stuff so idk *taps fingers together*. i'll get back at u one day.
    ppps. October 2, 1835 ;)

    7 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    replying: hehe i'm not a prodigy but i'm not bad either. your friends let you mess around with their instruments? *gasp* i would never! but seriously, i guard my violin like it's my baby lol.
    ps. stationary: like pens and stuff. love it.
    pps. i'm not too bad at either of them (for a beginner at least). you play soccer? respect because that looks like a ton of stamina and willpower. swimming, i have to admit that the only time i went swimming last year was in the winter for a school trip haha.
    go txt! they aren't rookies anymore! nct 127 huh... listening to punch... dang that's a bop.
    *stephen f. austin knows all. ;)

    7 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    replying: gm. you're working on a mini album?? i'm curious... eh i think we'd both rather be in the others' situations. oh well.
    ps. i play piano and violin (stereotypical asian american stuff) and i'm not too bad at them *smirk smirk*. percussion has always fascinated me. i play in a string orchestra, so i don't get to perform with percussion often but it's a really great feeling.
    cst time?? hmm... all i'm going to say is that only sam houston knows ;). i play volleyball (ad for my volleyball piece called 'in the courts') and i ran track (but track season ended before it could really start). stationary is a guilty pleasure of mine hehe. hbu?

    7 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    replying: the prechorus?? the 'i can't catch my breath' part. idk why but that note progression is just gold. also, i'm so glad they got to rap more in this album!
    ps. i really want to write songs but a. i overthink and can't focus. b. i don't have the tools for it. i dream of owning a mic and midi or smth i can write music on besides noteflight. and c. i'm really more of a lyricist person haha. i'd probably focus more on the lyrics more than anything. i admire songwriters and producers so much because dang, i can't imagine myself composing those melodies.
    pps. i'm about to turn in so i might not see your reply until tmr (you live in central time zone?) do you play any musical instruments? i can imagine that you do (asian american stereotype) but i'm curious.

    7 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    replying: unfortunately, i'm the type of person that can't really sit still through anything (even though i'm not really hyper) so admittedly, it takes a lot to really sit down and look at lyric videos. it's really a shame though, because the txt lyrics are always so good and often overlooked (i think) by i-moas.
    ps. what are you onto now lol. the bridge in puma (i think that's the correct song part) is so good! it's a really different mood than anything else they've ever put out!

    7 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    replying: no, i totally get what you're saying! i love it when i can hear their raw vocals and admittedly, some of them really do need to lip sync sometimes. a lot of idols have damaged vocals chords and they need to rest.
    ps. more on the comeback stage, txt stage presence really got so much better! like in 'drama' i was totally blown away by how they were smiling and looking at the camera. it's kinda sad considering they were recording in an empty stage without any fans though :(. this is one of the things i really hate about quarantine.
    pps. west side east side i don't know where to where to go?? ;)

    7 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    replying: i will ;). jimin's characterization in a lot of fics is just... even the fics that do make him fierce, it's just not right for some reason... bottom and top aren't personality traits and most people like it if they're ACTUAL PEOPLE first.
    ps. bts japanese mots7 comeback is in june! i'm fixated on txt right now but i'm so excited. and a self produced album after that... aren't they working too hard though? all they got was a 2 month break last year. they're definitely overworked.
    pps. i don't want to be that type of person but i think most of the times txt background track is way too loud. this comeback show was significant improvement cuz you could actually hear them live! it was amazing. unfortunately, this means you can kinda tell when they're lip syncing (which was actually pretty often). i don't think lip syncing is bad in general, but i'm wondering if you noticed it? it's kinda weird when you've noticed something but no one else seems to be talking about it. what's your opinion on them lip syncing?

    7 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    wow that was long

    7 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    replying: a taekook shipper commented on weverse (or vlive) to v's post or live or wtv and v basically told her she should separate fiction from reality. taekook and jikook are basically engaged in a perpetual ship war so and taekook has really outspoken and toxic shippers and sadly, it kind of ruined the ship for me. the shipping did get that bad that they got more distanced and it's possible that the bighit officials told them to keep a distance after that.
    about fanfiction: guiltily, i tend to gravitate towards fics where jhope is the only one unpaired but that might just be because those are the only types of fics where i can really get behind his character. i personally don't really mind the 'bad boy jk' trope as long as he softens later but i can really get tired of it sometimes. the best bts fics have him as a 'hardshelled closeted dork'.
    last thing about fanfiction i absolutely hate: in almost every bts fanfiction, someone hurts the other but what really bothers me is that you can predict it. we all know it, the bottom is the sensitive one and the top is the 'cool' one who's going to unintentionally hurt the bottom and then everyone goes to comfort the bottom and villainize the top. #1 when the bottom runs away crying, i really can't related to it therefore i just end up annoyed. #2 the bottom is always blameless?? like they usually go through some crazy crap and they're allowed to overreact and the top isn't?? please and when the bottom does smth bad, they're forgiven in an instant?
    TL;DR i just really want some top justice. PLEASE. i'm a jimin bias but i can't stand when 'he' does that in fanfiction.

    7 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    replying: i think the problem was that bighit revealed too much (i know, weird yknow) in the teasers and previews (excluding eternally i'm still not over that).
    the thing about the ultimate bias... it's kinda weird. when i fall into a fandom, i fall HARD so that basically one fandom is on my mind at all tiems and the others are just placed on a backburner and i don't have the mental capacity to deal with two at a time. even in BTS now, my bias list is getting blurry. jimin probably for BTS but i don't know if i could choose between any of them. TXT, you know my bias is soobin.
    hOwEvEr, because i'm a rampant shipper, my otp between the two groups is definitely yeonbin! in BTS i kinda rotated ships like from jikook to yoonmin and from namjin to yoonjin and back. those are the ships i definitely prefer more than the others (vmin is like more platonic for me, taekook is kinda weird cuz they have the chemistry it's just that v said this one thing a time ago and it was lost on me, and sope is fine, it's just that i feel like having a depiction of jhope i'm satisfied with is impossible and it's harder enjoy fanfiction when you don't agree with the depiction of the character). lol i'm rambling, but i'm just VERY passionate about shipping and fanfiction and things like that.

    7 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    replying: yeonjun the entire time before the comeback: 'i don't have blonde hair' *clear brown hair underneath his cap*. poor yeonjun in that one section of the comeback show... i liked his yellow hair more when it was neon, but eh that's just me. someone let yeonjun's scalp rest...
    ps. hueningkai and taehyun are both pretty young but they definitely grew up this comeback! soobin was... wearing half a skirt???? what???? is??? this???? and beomgyu got to show off his low notes i was dying.
    i am pretty sad though, i don't think we really got a song that was really like 'nap of the star' or 'magic island' this time around though 'maze in the mirror' is close. thought i could chill to 'eternally' but well...

    7 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    replying: 'respect your elders' doesn't apply to asian americans! your footnotes are great lol. if you published a whole story of footnotes i'd read it (obv the actual content above the footnotes are what make them that much better :)).
    ps. puma is like... so good... and that comeback show was fricking hilarious! i binged it all in the morning so now i'm starving for more txt. maybe i'll rewatch it...

    7 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    replying: you... devious miscreant! (from someone who's definitely younger than you lol). i'lll.... get back at you! maybe in a year... or tmr???? ok not tmr cuz i have to think of something at least half as well written as that crown thing was. maybe a song based off of run away?
    ps. eternally is a bop but wtf is that rap part i almost had a heart attack.

    7 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    it's a nice and quirky story with a good message! should've gotten more attention ngl.
    replying: horned girl- you. ivory hills- white mountains. golden swallowed- anne blackwood's old pfp (i think she was the first one that really stood with me. i'm immensely grateful). smiley faces- mia:) and lastly, asian warriors for Doodleninja who only followed me recently! and all this wrapped up into an unofficial gift bundle for Dmoral13 (who i'm too shy to actually approach). i wrote this one piece called 'to the writers at write the world' kinda for 2/5 of them but i don't think they caught on :(.

    7 months ago