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This is me."

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Please check out my contest: #feb
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Prompt 1:
.amelia. "Kitsune"
Princess Maira "Letters From the Trenches"
Dmoral13 "Pretty Birds, War Soldiers"
WishfulKittyKat1 "Falling"
Writing4Life "Biscuits"
Whateverthismightbe "Roses"
Anha "Morocco"

Prompt 2:
A Certain Type of Decisive "Marvellous"

Prompt 3:
Tushar Mandhan "Missile Man of India"

Hunt out the Lies

February 20, 2020

PROMPT: Star Wish

Orion, brave hunter
Come with your bow
Hunt out the lies
That tear us below

Gemini, good brothers
Bring union and peace
Ere war erupt here
And our numbers decrease

Draco, fiery dragon
Warm us with your breath
Bring fire of justice
Or lies will bring death

Cygnus, bird of grace
Gift us your flight
So we may escape
This dividing fight

Polaris, shining true
Show us the way
So we may stand firm
And truth shall yet stay


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