Goodbye, Nostalgia

United States


January 7, 2020


You never know the whole truth
If you do, you don’t care
It soaks my skin, the rain
The rain won’t understand, I cry
I wrap my hands in gauze
I ache, I yearn to sleep

I never did go to sleep
Pounding windows, keeping me awake, rain
The rain soaked through my gauze
Melting from my skin, you care
I replace them as I cry
The gauze is not the truth

You can’t comprehend the true rain
And because no rain, no sleep
In the bed you made, cry
Because you can’t handle the truth
And you didn’t ask, didn’t care
About what is behind the gauze
My scars shine under the gauze
Softened by the cold, clear rain
I try my best to care
Stand tall, no time to sleep
It comes into the light, truth
There’s no more tears to cry

Oh, child, come. Don’t cry
Peel it from your skin; gauze
Hidden under lies, the new truth
Come to light in the rain
And your heart wants to sleep
But about the gauze, you care

The child, too much I care 
Oh, poor girl, do not cry
After the gauze, go to sleep
After you sleep, replace the gauze
You cannot break the cycle, rain
And cover up the troubled truth

Try to sleep, you never care
About the truth, so you cry 
You cover gauze with the rain


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