Goodbye, Nostalgia

United States


January 7, 2020

PROMPT: Lyrical Stratum


it bleeds through the fabric of your mind. staining the mental image of perfect. you can't escape the grasp of what is really in front of your eyes. and what is inside your head. banging on the inside. scraping against the hull of your brain. begging to be released. 


tormenting. it pulls on your skin. your body shakes. stirring something deep within. it drips down your skin. black. you are sick. it rubs raw flesh together. begging to be released.


you wrap your eyes in it. tearing through the thin membrane of your thoughts. it is protection. it is daunting. it pleads for forgiveness. for it has wronged the ones who lie to blank faces. it begs to be released.


you know the truth. you have felt the rain. the gauze causes you pain and pleasure and you dare not remove it from in front of your eyes. and you release it. 


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