Ashlea Izzard

United States

Dreaming of Earth

January 9, 2020

PROMPT: One Home

    When dreaming of Earth you think of oceans that stretch from coast to coast. Grasslands that fill all possible land on continents. Crystal blue oceans, shining with a diamonds glare, grasslands that fill the air with a fresh aroma. Humans who have a heart of the riches gold. We give back to the people we love, not expecting anything back in return.
    Oh, what a dream it is, a dream that is so far fetched, too far away from reality. We live in a world of hate and segregated love. We can never think of each other as a whole, skin color, gender, sexuality, religion. We love to try and make ourselves think that this isn't a problem when in reality it's one of our biggest problems. Why can't we love one another for who we are? Why can't we love each other for what we believe in?
    One day I hope that this world will be filled with a plethora of freedom and love. I hope that one day we can admire Earth's beauty, and stop trashing it. How can we keep trashing a place we call home? How can YOU and I change this world today and for the future? For the better?
By:Ashlea Izzard


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