“In the darkness, two shadows, reaching through the hopeless heavy dusk. Their hands meet, and light spills in a flood, like a hundred golden urns pouring out the sun.” -Madeline Miller, “The Song Of Achilles.”

Writing Goals 2020

January 6, 2020

So 2019 has ended. I don’t know who gave it permission to go and do that, but here we are; standing all bright eyed at the brink of a new decade. I have this certain sort of excitement in my stomach at the thought of it. Which, maybe, is a little bit idealistic and of course, we only decided to make sense of  time just so we could have some relative idea of where we are in the world, but it’s hard not to get excited by the start of something new. And so, a lot of us are goal settings. Which I think is fantastic.
As of late, I’ve been scheming away in this little head of mine and I’ve chanced upon two goals that I’ve decided to set for myself for this year.
So, —just in an attempt to set the scene— in  2019 I finished writing the first draft of my book.  It’s terrible and it’s horrible and it’s wonderfully, gloriously messy but I worked on it for three years and it’s mine and it’s done and I even wrote the words “The End.”I mean, I finished it! It’s completely surreal! It’s going to take an awful lot of work to bring it up to scratch and actually, y’know, make it legible, but 2020 sure does look like a wonderful year to finish my second draft. And maybe my third draft. And maybe every single draft that comes after that because I just love these characters so much and I want them to be the best they possibly can be. In 2020 I’m going to finish my first book completely. I’m going to do it!
But, if we have to actually talk about what goes on in my writing, I guess another goal that I would have for 2020 would be to get better at describing atmosphere in different scenes. From my own limited point of view, in my first draft I feel like I have spent a horrendously large amount of my time focusing on character arcs, relationships and inner motives. I need to create a more compelling setting around them so that they’re just not talking and growing  in a bland and flat expanse. That’s why I’ll be starting off 2020 by doing an insane amount of world-building. In the easiest sense, I could be starting off the new decade in a lot of worse ways.
To me, these goals don’t seem insurmountable. They look like a challenge, yes, but I’m awfully excited to start tackling them. It’s funny though; I am inconceivably lucky to be able to look at these goals and say “yes, that’s doable.” I am inconceivably lucky to have found Write The World. I haven’t even been on the site for a year yet and already it’s a place that I hold quite close to my heart. Ultimately, that’s a very special thing, I think. So, that’s why when I say this, I mean it with the utmost sincerity: I hope you all have a wonderful start to the decade!


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  • Anha

    february highlights are live, and you're (get this) in them (again)!

    12 days ago
  • Anha

    january highlights are live, and you're in them!

    about 1 month ago
  • Anha

    why are your simple reflections poetic as all else?? good luck with all your worldbuilding, and if you ever arrive at a point where you'd like a beta reader, i'd love to offer my assistance. looking forward to seeing your book on the shelves of dymocks next to the likes of madeline miller in the coming years!

    3 months ago
  • Upsidownpenguin

    Ah yes! Worldbuilding is seriously the best. I wish you luck in your endeavors, PouringOutTheSun!

    3 months ago