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My profile pic is a rose, not because I think it's deep or anything but because I feel that a rose can be interpreted in many different ways. It's known as a symbol for so many different things and for some it's just a flower. That's how I feel sometimes like I'm so many different things to different people.

My Review of the Best Poem Ever Written

January 7, 2020


The Norwegian poem I am about to discuss is what I consider to be the best poem in existence. I will post it below the poem for all those that have never read it.

Baby Carrot
Lives in the shadow of the carrot
Baby Carrot

I've memorized the poem, Dear, Baby Carrot, by now and I can surely say that it is a literary masterpiece. The carefully worded descriptions of the baby carrot such as "small" and "ugly" lead the reader to know the author's interpretation of baby carrots. It also allows the reader to picture this small, ugly object in their head.

Then comes the line "lives in the shadow of the carrot," a beautiful line that helps to develop the character of the baby carrot. The baby carrot is clearly treated as a lesser being than the carrot and is not treated as its own carrot, but rather always associated with the regular carrot. To make matters worse it is also called small and ugly. I think this is a sign that we all need to be more respectful towards baby carrots because they're just as important as regular carrots.

This poem not only displays that valuable lesson to all people mistreating baby carrots, but it tells the captivating story of a small baby carrot. It develops the main character, a baby carrot, as small, ugly, and one who is underappreciated and forced to live in the shadow of a carrot. Thank you for listening. I may elaborate more on the beauty of this poem later.
I had to do this, I just had to. Seriously though, everyone should appreciate the beauty of this poem.


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  • Kepler

    This is so beautiful.

    3 months ago
  • wisteria_gardens

    This poem is beautiful.
    Also, I love baby carrots >^

    3 months ago
  • Rewrite_The_Stars

    a true masterpiece that should go in a poetry hall of fame

    3 months ago
  • RubyRedDreams

    I love that poem. I forgot it existed until reading this, I will most definitely appreciate it, it is a work of art.

    3 months ago