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I've been having petrifying nightmares recently (about a month I think) and I have become scared to sleep. I have to cry before bed just so I'm tired enough to black out. I wake up more tired than before I slept though and I'm not sure what to do so I'm going to talk to somebody and see if we can figure out something. Hope everyone is doing good though!

Atrocious Dreams

January 6, 2020


They're getting to me
The nightmares
Afraid to close my eyes
Shut off my mind
Terrified of what I'll see
Do not let me rest
I can't take the stress
Day and night
Equally a fright
Sticks and stones
May break my bones
Words will surely hurt me
Sleep is a new pain
My dreams will slowly break me
Night after night
I awake in a panic
Soaked with fear
Drenched in anxiety
Pillow of death
Blanket of depression
Can't rest
Won't sleep
The monsters escaped hell
And now reside in my head
A permanent settlement
Consuming my sanity
Losing control
Kicked out of my own body
I've lost my bed
Now I am losing me


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