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For a beautiful competition, with the lovely hosts BurningMidnightOil & Aurelia.Valus :


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January 6, 2020


I've had plastic surgery,
Now there is no wrinkle in sight.
My face is as stiff as it is plain
But at least I'm out of my plight.
Making expressions doesn't feel the same,
And my skin is, well, skin-tight.

I've tried different products,
On my rather unsightly face,
But none of them seem to perform,
To enhance my so-called 'grace.'
So instead I do well to adorn
My body with silks and lace.

I've had a lot of money,
Spent it on many random things,
Mainly to impress my fake friends,
Like jewles, broaches and rings.
They only like me for my money, looks and trends,
Which is why my heart still stings.
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