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Your shine won't last forever
But you'll forever glow


January 5, 2020

PROMPT: Star Wish

There was a some sort of magic wildness in the war the stars splayed themselves out in the sky. 

Spreading, sprinkling. Like icing sugar sprinkled on a cake, making it sweet. Like a screen cleaner on a car, spurting and spreading over the glass, making it shine. Like a spray can freckling the graffiti art on the wall, making it alive. 

Stars are sweet. Clean. Alive.

Sweet like a sweet friend. A friend that you can count on, a friend you can always rely on. A friend you look up to, who shines out in the darkness of the world around you. Surely enough, you can rely on the stars. You know they are there for you in the darkest of times.

Shining like a pearly white teeth on a cheesy 90s toothpaste advert. Grin brightly, show your teeth, smile at the camera! Although, sometimes, you don't want to. In a world of darkness, why would you want to smile? Stars are not teeth for you to smile with, they are beacons of hope, shining and chasing away the darkness with positivity.

Alive like a beating heart. Pulsating, thudding in your chest. Some stars look like they are fading. Some twinkle, some fizzle, and some are just airplanes. Stars are the to keep you going, keep you breathing and wondering and hoping and believing. To be alive is to question and thrive.

Leaning outside my bedroom window, I take a deep breath and gaze upwards. This year, the New Year. The dreaded and anticipated year of 2020, I hope to be sweet, shining and alive by the end of it. 

Living wildly like the stars, I hope to go on in this year knowing that as each day goes by, I have made it, determined and steadfast as ever.


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  • Aurelia.Valus

    Love the song, and love this piece. Truly beautiful <3

    over 1 year ago
  • Dmoral

    *cite not sight

    over 1 year ago
  • Dmoral

    Your first line left my breathless, god that was gorgeous. Tonight I've been searching for a piece to read that I found interesting and liked, so literally I've been scrolling around this sight for an hour.....I've finally found it!! Seems I need to visit your page more often! The line "Living wildly like the stars" makes my bones shiver (not in a creepy way) and I freaking love it. I want to rewrite those words somewhere over and over again so I can read them over and over again. Also, I love how you have you have an oxymoron like phrase, which was "The dreaded and anticipated year of 2020" which I can totally relate too!!! Also, I just looked at the prompt and goodness, you went beyond it. The prompt can't even grasp this piece. Your work is quite literally, 'meant for the stars'. Anyway, amazing work!

    over 1 year ago