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Forest of fears

January 5, 2020



Oh how he was alone in the world,
He had no one there to guide him.
Oh how he had only shadows,
For his light was much too dim.
Every path he wandered was a struggle,
Every trail harder than the last.
The cliffs were near impossible,
Ease was a thing of the past.
He cut through thickening brush,
For his own path he would blaze.
But he was blind to the truth,
And couldn't see through the haze.
Right next to him there was a trail
That was so easy and clear.
His heart could have respite,
His mind be free of fear.
So a hand grabbed his
And tightened around him like a rope.
Oh she pulled him closer,
Onto the path she called "hope".
At first he was angry
and he started to fight.
But then he realized
That the end was in sight.
At then end of the path,
a light he did see.
The hope gave him strength
so he became free.


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  • touch_the_sky

    This is so beautifully written!
    "Oh she pulled him closer,
    Onto the path she called "hope"."
    These were the lines that impacted me the most. Amazing job!

    15 days ago
  • Princess Maira

    Congratulations! You just won 1st place in the Finding hope category of my Christmas Competitions! Please comment on one of my pieces 10 pieces you want reviewed!

    about 1 month ago
  • Princess Maira

    I love the symbolism of a forest path! Thanks for submitting this! I'm glad you could still participate even though your last submission was taken down.

    about 2 months ago