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(enchantress) #apoemaday4

January 5, 2020



i’ve watched the careful way you card your fingers 
through your hair, 
as if casting a spell of 
tired beauty.
i’m convinced that you are made of magic;
the unbearably lovely kind.
            do you remember as well as i,
            that road trip we took in junior year
            with the rest of our paper-packaged friends
            through the desert flatlands of Nevada?
            and those jokes we told and the secrets we shared
            under cashmere cream blankets in the truck bed 
            with the tailgate down?
i miss the carefree way we laughed;
crying with joy until we couldn’t speak.
i miss the way you leaned your head on my shoulder,
how you’d braid my hair at every chance you got,
just to show off what you learned from Bree.
            i miss that vanilla mint cologne 
            you used to spray on your hoodies. 
            i wish you’d use it again,
            just so you could smell like you and not that pretty enchantress who wants to steal
            your heart.
Finished: Jan 4, 2020 7:36 pm (10:36 est)
lowercase intentional :)


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  • Anha

    yooooo this yearning makes me want to cry. brilliantly executed, this little package of magical realism that seems almost too good to be true, but at the same time, too heart-breaking to want it to happen.

    20 days ago
  • PureHeart

    Gosh, your writing is so poetic and intricately done. I love how unique this is. Real good contribution to the contest!

    24 days ago
  • april.lila

    Magic. These words paint so many colours!

    24 days ago