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Bonus Round (Okapi)

January 4, 2020




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  • PureHeart

    That definitely sounds like a good idea. The only problem is we are both very busy. I've got a load a homework to do and I have school during weekdays. The only time I would be able to possibly do writing is after 15:30 UK time on weekdays, if I'm not doing anything else. Hope thats okay!

    8 months ago
  • PureHeart

    Ahh don't worry about it. We all have busy lives and its hard to think everything around writing. I think you've done very well with this competition. Take you time and don't worry ^^

    8 months ago
  • PureHeart

    Glad you're okay with what I've done so far. So sorry for the mispellings! I am terrible at spelling but didn't have time to proofread! So sorry.
    I think the man and the wolf should become friend over a bit of time. Your ideas sound great. Perhpas the man could save the wolf or vice versa. You got some good ideas!

    9 months ago
  • PureHeart

    I never intended to get lost.

    Hiking: wandering alone - in the woods, forests, up hills, mountains - is a lonely hobby which I thoroughly enjoy. The only downside: no help if you get lost, and the drowning feeling of isolation. Like you're sinking in quicksand, or pluging to the bottom of the ocean. There is an inevitable suffocation of isolation that I can't quite fathom. You'll only understand if you've experienced it.

    Solitude was bliss. Humans exhausted me. Thats what I kept telling myself. But now I'm lost, I seek company. A refuge of comfort by being in another beings presence.

    So I keep walking, deeper into the dark gloom of the forest. There was a thick musk of fog, thicker than smoke, thinner than clouds. Reminds me of the foggy moors of some gothic horror novel that appeared before something bad were to happen. Hopefully there is no coincidences here.

    Snap of bracken, wisps of whispering trees through the howling shiver of wind, I followed and undless path of nothingness leading to emptiness. Sun setting as if it was running away from the blackened moon, the light faded away, leaving no afterglow on the sky. All that was left was a trail of clouds, consuming the sky, smothering the earth with endless darkness.

    The night creatures we soon to take over.

    Nervously, I bit my lip hard enough to draw blood at the effort of my wandering hands launching towards my coat pocket. My torch. Unzip, grab, click-click, on.

    Light cut through the darkness, slicing through the emptiness like a blade would cut through ice. Sharp and clear.

    I know what your thinking. Why can't I use my phone? My phone died out of battery long ago. Its amazing how helpless you can become without modern technology.

    Stopping in my tracks, I reminised on my plight and the state I was in.

    A not-so-distant howl shook the air.

    My heart dropped. It dropped down into my stomach, shaked down at my knees, dropped into the earth, right the way down to hell.

    As much as I wanted to run, I was frozen to the spot. Pulling at me feet to move, I found I didn't have the strength to do so. The sheer shock reached my core, shook my bones.

    That howl was awfully close. Almost as if the wolf was right behind m-

    And then I felt something furry tickle my other hand.

    9 months ago
  • PureHeart

    I've done the first section. Its not just one paragrpah its quite a couple. I did it about a hiker getting lost and ended it on when the wolf actually meets him. Hopefully its not as lame as it sounds, lol. Maybe for your part you could do the wolf's perspective/first persona narritive through the eyes of the wolf. As I sort of did mine in first person. Hope thats okay. How do you want me to send what I've done to you? Via a comment or something?

    9 months ago
  • PureHeart

    Sounds like a ppan. Can we do it about the explorer who runs into the wolf? I'll start the first paragraph when I'm back from school. I hope the time zones aren't too much of an inconvenience! And I would never put styff like that in a story. Animals are better than humans after all, lol. So don't worry, I would not hurt an animal in my writing ^^

    9 months ago
  • PureHeart

    Sounds good. Both wolves and big cats suit me. You can decide my dearie! Shall we do it from the animal's perspective? Or shall we write about an encounter between human and animal? Or... do you have any ideas?

    9 months ago
  • PureHeart

    Animals sound like a good idea! Do you have a particular animal in mind?

    9 months ago
  • PureHeart

    Hey there. Thanks so much for doing this, your the best! Do you have any ideas for this round?

    9 months ago