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-My life is just one big panic attack
-Real name is Kayla

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"When you make the effort to speak someone else's language, even if it's just basic phrases here and there, you are saying to them, 'I understand that you have a culture and identity that exists beyond me. I see you as a human being” -Trevor Noah

"One page of the Bible isn't worth a life" -Wrabel

"If your religion requires you to hate someone; you need a new religion.”- Ricky Gervais

"Remember kids, if you don't sin, Jesus died for nothing." - also Ricky Gervais

“Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.” -Suzanne Collins

Over The Borders Pt.1

June 19, 2020

PROMPT: Open Prompt

 My feet pounded the soaked earth, every jolt of pressure riding through me, liberating me. This place. It was always changing, evolving. The only thing i could rely on was my legs, the ground and all the adrenaline pumping through my veins-the very thing keeping me going at this point-that never changed. I slowed only as The Alpha division came into view. A boundary i wasn't supposed to cross came not that far from me. I could keep going. I could run through Alpha. I could run and run until every last nerve in my leg gave up and i wouldn't feel the pain in them, but i could only go so far. I'd get passed the few shops and identical houses-if i was lucky-Maybe even passed the court house. If I did get through without being shot or my Tau band being activated, I wouldn't get out. the barrier would stop me. All the Districts were joined by a dome-shaped barrier. it kept us from leaving. There were 24 districts in total, each named after a greek letter. Each District has its own ruler, its own self sustaining community. well, aside from the two districts for the herbal gardens used for medicine and farms for food. even those are separated by division. we were separated by wealth at first, then it turned to where you were born is where you stayed. At age five, a bulky device was attached to your wrist. The device was connected to your district. If you crossed borders, a signal was sent to the border guard and a press of a button is all it took for the band to send a paralyzing shock wave through your body leaving you immobile long enough for you to be taken back, far behind the border into the detention center.
                        I'm part of the Tau district. Tau's are middle class, essentially. Not as poor as the Iota's, but nowhere near as wealthy as the Alpha's. My people are located right in the middle of all the other divisions, meaning i've never gotten a glance beyond the barrier. well, actually, once I did. I was really young. maybe three or four. I hadn't gotten my band on yet, so I couldn't have been any older. I climbed through my bedroom window in the early morning and wandered over to the border of the Epsilon district. I saw a young girl sitting in a nearby pile of leaves, remaking the messy load and jumping into it. She saw me and looked puzzled. As if she never saw someone who looked like me before. Epsilon was one of the wealthier areas, so it makes sense that she was intrigued by the way I looked and dressed as opposed to her people. A wide, toothy smile stretched across her face as she ran up to me. She stood there, not moving, for a few seconds.
                         "Tag, you're it!" her laughter is loud and ragged when she runs away from me and I chase after her. we ran all the way through Epsilon, dodging people, carts, animals. Thats when we got to the barrier. I stopped in shock. this was it. This was what i'd seen once but never again.
                          "Lets race back" I said. We got back up and counted down, three...two...one... I pushed off my right leg with all the force a four year old could produce and we both went soaring back towards the border. She beat me by a few seconds and as she stopped short iI slammed into her, taking us both to the ground. we played on the grass and laughed for a while, right outside the border of Tau.It was still a good five minute walk away but I could see my district beginning to wake. the hills yawned wide and the sun stretched out over the sky. thats when my mom saw me and i saw her. she began to run to me, my dad trying to stop her, i stood and waited. I was unsure of why she seemed so worried and why she was crying. She crossed the border. I saw the people of the community get upset when her band flashed. ​red, white, red, white, red, white. Then, a piercing BANG followed by a loud screech of pain. i saw her. bullet in her throat laying on the floor. I ran to her. the grass felt like concrete under my knees where a second ago felt like pillows. They pulled me from her. I kicked and screamed but a four year old was nothing to two grown, trained soldiers. I was carried away from my mom...from my friend. She screamed something as they hauled me up and started toward the border where my dad was waiting for me, tears in his eyes. 

                            "Aedon!" Aedon. that must be her name

I didn't realize i had stopped running until i came back to my mind. i'd been standing in the same spot for who knows how long. i checked my band, 16:41  i was supposed to meet Aedon at the border eleven minutes ago. I started running again, faster this time. I have to get to the border, i thought, before she leaves. i saw her standing there, pink flowing dress blowing around her thighs and knees, courtesy of her wealthy parents. I slowed as  I came closer to her. Wearing her trademark smirk, she said, "well you sure took your sweet time, Medus. You'd think a sixteen year old boy could move a little faster than a sloth stuck in amber."

                           "Yea well some of us have lives that keep us busy" i countered.

                            "aw, sure you do." she used her free hand to pat the top of my head, not sure what that proves since we're the same height. i sat down as close to the barrier as i could and Aedon followed suit. this is as close as we could get to each other most of the time. once in a while i'd half cross the border, leaving the side of me with my band on the Tau side of the border so she could lean on me and hold my other hand while keeping her band on the Epsilon side of the border. She'd taken off the coat she'd been wearing as it was hot that day and I noticed a few bruises on her arms and upper chest
                          "Ae, what happened? I nodded in the direction the bruises and she quickly pulled away, leaning more to her side where i couldn't reach her without setting off my alarm. 

                           "Its nothing, really. just...just fell walking to school, thats all." she pulled her jacket back on and, as much as i wanted to ask a thousand things more, I knew i shouldn't press right now. if she wants to tell me, she will. better to let her do it in her own time. I checked my band again. 16:58. 

"I should get going," i said "My dad probably has dinner about ready."

                           "yea, me too. Tomorrow? same place, same time?" Aedon asked. 
                           " you ask that like i'm ever gonna say no." we shared a laugh and I landed a soft kiss on her cheek as we both turned and started walking in our own directions. those bruises. she has to be lying, doesn't take a genius to know thats not what happens when you fall. 

                             i got to my door, took a deep, steadying breath and went in. "i'm home" i called out. 
I want to continue this but i'm not sure. let me know what you think.


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