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pfp from the album “castaways and cutouts” by the decemberists.

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"i wish the world was flat like the old days/then i could travel just by folding a map," - death cab for cutie

lowercase is intentional.

new year, same friday evening

January 5, 2020


so it's a new year, fireworks punching gunshot wounds in the sky, and we've been here before. champagne and apple cider, young volcanoes on your tongue, chocolate cake, the ball drop, still as death and desperate to feel the change in the air. open the windows and try to find where the splitting pavement has smoothed itself, where the car across the street has de-rusted, where the glass panes have un-fogged. i wish that it weren't this way, with the same trees tantalizing the driveway and the same night swallowing the moon and the same headlights wandering down the winding roads. i wish that when the clock struck twelve, we could start again. let pangea cradle the earth close again. let the sky glow flat again. 

january third: back to the billboard charts, back to the trending pages and forever un-closed tabs. back to school. back to going downtown just to find that the book store moved and there's a new shaved ice place the next street over. we've been here before. 
it doesn't feel finished to me but this is all i've got in me for now. please comment if you enjoyed, and reviews are super appreciated! sorry for the hiatus. 


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  • Anha

    is there anything i can say that hasn't been said already? gods, this is achingly beautiful. it really feels like things have stopped mattering huh. maybe it's all the bad drawing our attention away. maybe we're all just growing up because those who are grown aren't good enough.

    3 months ago
  • babybluelamentations

    Oof, gorgeous. this feels like such a nostalgia trip, even though new years was literally less than a week ago.
    I feel like last holiday season wasn’t as festive as it used to be. I didn’t really feel the christmas cheer, the new years excitement, etc... i don’t know if it’s just me, but i feel like we’re slowly disconnecting from something.
    But basically this is beautiful. Amazing job, as always <3

    3 months ago
  • r|A|i|N

    you've always got something fresh and thoughtful to say about the new year. god, it's weird to see "2020" as the publishing date.

    3 months ago
  • ajamwal

    beautiful, lovely, this is exactly how i feel about new years and actually christmas too, i wrote my piece about how christmas changed like this too, actually yeah, they kinda have the same theme.

    3 months ago
  • loveletterstosappho

    you encapsulate this very specific breed of monotony perfectly. the days are blurring together so hard it doesn't matter that it's a new decade.

    3 months ago
  • CrazyNinjaKid

    i enjoyed reading this a lot, your way that you describe things is insane!

    3 months ago