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Wild Stallion | #apoemaday3

By: Starflower


There you stand in glossy splendor,
king of the wide spreading plains,
enthroned on the crest of the hill.

Your mane is like the windswept prairie,
a sea of rippling obsidian black.

Your chestnut coat shines with the sun
as though you were made of glass.

Perhaps the wind is your mother,
and the sun your golden father.

Nothing less could ever explain
the sweeping perfection that you command.

You stamp your foot and toss your head;
you turn and gallop beneath the hill.

Gone like the wind and sun at dusk,
Gone like your ancestors of long ago,
Gone to the vast, free plains of the west.

Finished at 1:20 PM EST, 1/3/2020.

Message to Readers

Fun Fact: I'm terrible at poetry. :)

Peer Review

Your imagery is really beautiful! I loved the description.

Nothing to change

Reviewer Comments

My favorite part was the last stanza. Well written and a perfect end to the poem. You are so not "terrible at poetry" :)