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If you find inspiration with this, let me know. I would love to see what you guys do.

Half the names on the list had already been crossed off.

Check out Rohan's Defender and Coolgirl! Honestly, these are some of the most awesome people ever! And they write beautifully! Also, books4life is working on an HG fanfic and you NEED to go read it!

Also, if you need someone to rant to... I'm right here, ready to listen. And if you ever need someone to do a review, I'm here. And if you need a hug, I've got a few of those, too.

LMK if you'd like to be updated on any of my series.

My Stallion #apoemaday3

January 3, 2020


Hooves pound across the ground
Can you feel them?
They fill the earth with a single sound
Can you hear them?
Wild, wild, so wild
They are wild to me, a child
I watch them, this herd, from the grass
They slow and eat but will take off in a flash
I stand up and walk slowly to one
He is stunning, a blackish-blue
I watch him, he watches me, too
I stop a few feet from his face
He steps toward me, such grace
I stay still, try to keep my breathing steady
He could kill me and I wouldn't be ready
But he just steps closer to me
I still stay as still as a tree
But he blows hot air 
It rustles my hair
A sound I cannot hear startles them
They race away
I move and it's like plucking a flower from a stem
I race away

I did not find a Black Stallion
from a story
No, I found My Stallion
And I write my own story
THis was written on January 3rd at around 8 a.am.


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  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    This is AMAZING!!! I LOVE horses, and I take riding lessons every week! I’ve got one special horse I ride a lot there, and he is amazing!

    about 1 year ago