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Writing is like an escape, in a sense.

Reading is too.

I aim to create works that allow people an escape, or at least make them feel something.


January 4, 2020



The stars coruscated above two figures who lay on the roof, the smaller of the two laying his head on the other’s chest.

An arm stretched to the sky as he spoke in a quiet tone. “I think my favorite planet is Pluto, even if they say it isn’t a planet.”

There was a low chuckle from the other, followed by a roll of his eyes. “Is that perhaps why you call me Pluto?” He questioned, the ginger looked up at him with a playful grin resting on his lips.


Of course, the other didn’t believe such but nothing more was said on it. Laying there in the quiet night, only the sounds of cars and buzzing of a transformer to keep it from being dead silent. Then there was more from the ginger vampire, in an even more hushed tone. It almost sounded scared.

“Pluto,” he started, gulping, “if I vanished again.. would you look for me?” He was hesitant to ask such a question, worried for the answer. Worried for what he had to tell him if it was the answer he feared.

A pause was given, before he looked to the other with an amused smile. “You ask stupid questions, but if I must dignify that with a response,” the blond began, collecting his words before speaking, “I have lost you once, Zachary. If I lost you again I would do exactly what I did the first time. Search the ends of the earth until I found you, until my last breath.”

That caused a sickening feeling to twist in the other’s chest.

“Don’t.” Zachary uttered, his tone was serious and caught the other off guard. 

“Pardon?” The blond blinked, brows furrowing and creating a crease. 

“I said don’t.” The ginger responded. “If I vanish again please do not risk yourself by coming looking for me.” 
So odd, Zachary was.

With another brief pause, he thought on such before replying. “I will not then, because it will not get to a point where you vanish again. I will not allow it.” His arm moved to pull Zachary in a bit tighter, a comforting gesture he did without much thought to it.

Turning his head to look back at the sky, Zachary sighed. “Right. It won’t.”

With that, he went back to talking about the stars. Acting as though he hadn’t said a thing, but they both knew he had. They both thought about the conversation long after it ended. But nothing more was said on it, like always.


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  • fatpanda

    And if you do decide to continue this piece, please drop a comment on any of my works, I'd love to read more!

    about 2 months ago
  • fatpanda

    I came here from your comment on your most recent piece saying your writing was not impressive. I disagree. I'm a huge sucker for romance, but cannot for the life of me, seem to write it. This is beautiful, and I hope you realise it. I'm also quietly laughing at how poetic the first line reads. The dialogue here flows effortlessly, and is a perfect mix of wit, promise, and the other aspects of teenage love. The LGBT+ thing is an added benefit. I've read this three times already, and I hope you realise how well-written this is :)

    about 2 months ago
  • Kepler

    I'd love to see a continuation of this. Like if this could be chapter one. It's really good, and I like how you told the story. Short, Sweet, to the point. Life needs more things like that.

    3 months ago