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Broken Girl #apoemaday2

January 2, 2020


I think I'm broken
I know things without them being spoken
Carlos kept glancing at Sarah today
I saw he wanted her to look his way
I was in the library last week
And, from across town, I heard a game of hide-and-seek
But that is not all that breaks me apart
I happen to know when things will start
When I was five, I looked up at the sky
I began screaming but no one knew why
Then Mom says I said a big storm was coming
A storm that would set the ground a-rumbling
The Tuesday after, we had to leave
It was three tornadoes many believe
When I was seven, I saw angels follow Uncle Rick
They were the ones that told me he was sick
I told mom to wear black on the first of September
That day, he died and I will always remember
Because I knew
Somehow I knew
And so, when I was in math
And I felt a tug
I followed an invisible path
And sat on a rug
It was under a table
One foot was short, so it was unstable
I yelled and told everyone to sit with me
It was the only safe place to be
One or two came and sat
The rest stared at me like I was a repulsive rat
But then the roof fell
It crushed them all
But the table only shuddered and cracked
But it held despite the stability it lacked
And so my brokeness saved me then
It also saved Steven and Gwen
But no one else listened to my words
And so they were crushed and no longer heard
Because they did not believe the broken girl
Now I just wait for the end of the world
Because I will hear it coming!
This poem was written on January 2nd around 11a.m.


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