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#apoemaday2 Clairvoyance 11:36 am 1/2/20

January 2, 2020


Hand it over, you can't see.
Your powers are inferior to mine in the way you don't have any
I see tears flowing down her face, her hands trembling with excitement, she hugs him tight around the neck.
The ring curves around her belly, a little kick from inside jostling it.
A little girl runs around with the ring in tow, clenched in her hand.
The ring is held in front of a raging teen, shielding the woman's knuckle from a flying box of Froot Loops.
The same girl is grown now, capped and gowned, the ring going up and down her back in pride.
A nurse takes it off and casts it aside and a beep rings loud.
The daugther sobs, her father comforting her, the ring clenched in his hand.
"Okay, thank you, I'll give you $50 for it-"
She looks shocked, sick to her stomach.
"You decided to pawn it off, the most important thing in your mother's life. Unbelievable, get out of my shop."
She scurries off with the check.
I sit at the counter slipping the ring on.
"Thank you.", I smile seeing the woman's face behind my eyelids.


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