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"perhaps one day / we will meet again / as characters in / a different story, / maybe we'll share / a lifetime then." ~pavana


January 2, 2020



"seeing is believing"

what a facade of a lie,
created because one can't-
know and do like i,
in which life is more than the five senses
we put it in.

t o u c h

can one feel the essence,
surrounding the body
how it gives off that-
captivating feelings and
absorbs life in

s i g h t

can one see the soul,
hidden beneath the person
where sparks are created that'll-
be so breathtaking you'd close your eyes
and still see

h e a r

can one hear the waves,
rolling off someone with emotions
bursting at their seems and-
watch a lover try
to make a

s m e l l

can one smell the mundane,
differentiate the type of character
each one of them can-
attempt to be
or will

t a s t e

can one taste a bitter heart,
broken and jagged with 
salty tears to paint said-
'organ' that we give more credit
that it

"believing is seeing"

it seems no one but me knows,
these things from experience 
cause of my reoccurring dreams of-
This is for BurningMidnightOil's 'Month of Poetry #apoemaday'. Check it out!
lowercase intentional.
Finished: 1/2/2020 @2:35 pm


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  • Wisp

    weirdo is absolutely definitely correct. Your writing is one of the gods and you deserve a spot up there in Olympus as the God of Poetry and Prose. The use of the five senses here is so eloquently said and divinely written.

    12 months ago
  • jaii

    god, i love your writing. excellent use of the five senses. i’m in awe, this is absolutely beautiful!

    over 1 year ago