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For a beautiful competition, with the lovely hosts BurningMidnightOil & Aurelia.Valus :

aura | #apoemaday2

January 2, 2020


Be gentle as they go
Wondering from me.
They say I'm mental,
But they'll never know
That I see what
They don't see.

Her aura is strong
If only she knew
The fizzle of red sparks
Played out like a song.
She is a beauty
Surrounded by her hue.

His aura is calm,
He knows it well.
Gentle and soft
As I read his palm.
I fell deep in love;
Under his spell.

Clairvoyance is grace.
All my senses: increase.
But my sixth sense
I fervently embrace.
All these colours make
Wonders never cease.
Finished: 12:28 pm EST Time.
Date: 2nd January 2020


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  • Okapi

    Please create a piece titled "Bonus Round (PureHeart) so that we can communicate with one another.

    over 1 year ago
  • Okapi

    To answer your question about the writing contest championships, since this is a partner round and you currently don't have a partner and it is not your fault, I would be happy to be your partner. I have created a piece titled "Bonus Round (Okapi) so that we can work on the piece together.

    over 1 year ago