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black and white

January 1, 2020


Two parts crawling away from each other.
"I hate you!"
"Don't leave!"
Polar opposites sloppily chained together in the same host.
The war rages on.
Both sides pull away, one in obsessed adoration, the other in disgusted hate.
Their vicious war tore up the fragile city around.
The host sits alone in the rubble of what they have done.
Unable to explain to parts crawling, writhing inside, possessing, taking, controlling, destroying.
The anger.
The fear.
The sadness.
Labeled as a monster.
The people do not want to be around a monster.
Yet underneath, the truth, without the parasites, is a shade of gray.
It is unfortunate the parasites cannot see any shades but their own and the stark opposite, black and white.
So the war continues on.


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