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You can tell I wrote this when I was really tired. I have no idea how I came up with this. :)

Hopefully it fits the prompt well enough...

A New Year is Born | #apoemaday1

January 1, 2020


The wind whispers gently
through the cold-stiffened pines;
one last breath
of the old dying year.

The moon pulls time away 
as it rises through the mist—
it, too, is dying;
a waning silver crescent.

But even as the weakened light 
filters through the trees,
golden sparks are flying
far beneath the mountains.

For the hammer on the anvil
keeps the heartbeat of the world;
the blacksmith is tasked with crafting
a brand new shining year.

Glowing sparks from earth's living core
floating to the starry sky—
driving out the chill of the old worn year;
bringing the warmth of the new. 
Finished at 8:30 PM EST, 1/1/2020
For prompt 1 of the #apoemaday contest. 


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