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A Fire Fairy #apoemaday1

January 1, 2020


Sitting quietly while others speak
Thinking of the things I seek
We sit before an open fire
We add more wood and flames rise higher
I sit with a plate in my lap
I think of a story of a simple trap
I watch the fire, captivated
The sparks are slowly created
And slowly they rise to touch the skies
They will keep rising unless the fire dies
I lean closer to feel the heat
And there I sat, on the edge of my seat
I kept watching the sparks fly away
As, one by one, they stray
One turned to me and smiled
And off the little fire fairy flew 
I did not say anything but it was true
I saw a fairy that late night
From the flames, she rose, ready to fight
That night, I saw a spark
A fairy
Written on January 1st at around 6 p.m.


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