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Message to Readers

YAAAAYYYYY! It's the New Year! And new decade...….gosh I feel old XD

New Year Sparks #apoemaday

January 1, 2020


People are cheering,
As fireworks blast,
2019 Is now part of the past,

A new decade enters
Full of promise and cheer
And now we are starting a fresh new year

A year full of dreams
We hope will come true
A year full of gifts
That will be given to you

A year full of kindness
We'll all try to share
A year full of love
And people who care

And in case disaster strikes
Our year will have hope
We won't sit around
And sadly mope

We will all unite
In the face of danger
We will all come together
Whether friend or stranger

And as we watch the fireworks
Shoot sparks in the sky
Remember these things...……
yeah ok bye
Happy New Year! The ending was so quality XD


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  • the little penguin

    Thanks for comment! Glad you liked the flow... Also replying to what you said about the date in the footnotes, I worked out why it would be different. I'm Aussie, so in Australia, we put the date then the month, then the year eg: 04(date) 01(month) 20 (year) But you're American so you write it differently!! Kinda funny don't you think :P

    over 1 year ago
  • Deleted User

    Replying: They do. It's in the terms of use. They told me that if I publish it again, they will have to terminate my account. Um... I had posted it again because the emails weren't coming through. Ugh. The email I have set up for this is monitored so that emails from unknown "UNKNOWN" sites are automatically deleted. I didn't realize until now. I have to watch my step now because if I mess up again, poof. I'm gone. And will never come back. They told me I'm being monitored from now forward. I'm extremely saddened by this. Luckily, I have Commaful and Prose to write on too. Just got accounts on both and if you want to find me, I have the same username as on here.

    About your work: I love the last line! It made me chuckle. The CRINGE! OMG. Okay. Happy New Year! Good Luck!

    over 1 year ago