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Breaths of a Garden

December 30, 2019

PROMPT: Microphone

1. Bees' wings fluttering the weeds
2. Birds twittering in the trees above
3. The spider scuttling on the lettuce
4. My scaredy-cat sister's scream when she sees the spider scuttling on the lettuce
5. The wind rustling the poppies in the wildflower bed
6. The plop of a worm dropped from a bird's beak.
7. Tearing of roots from the ground as I weed.
8. Sirens from the highway in the distance
9. My own breath of exhaustion as I get up from a long, hot morning of weeding.
10. Clicking of the clipping of squash from the stem
11. Soft pattering of my sneakers in the rich soil
12. Thud as I drop the squash
13. My longing song as I watch the growth of my plants.


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