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A contest!!!

December 30, 2019


Hi, fellow writers!
I've been seeing a lot of contests, (and am doing a couple), and I think they are great opportunities to see what writers like us have to offer. Consequently, here's a contest! There's a prompt for creative fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction; that way there is something for every writer (hopefully!!)

Prompt One: in a galaxy far, far away
Write a story about how the world your character currently lives on is nearing its breaking point. While the rest of the world rushes to evacuate everyone to a space pod with a destination of a livable planet, your character remains behind bars, left to die with the rest of the world’s prisoners. The kicker? They’re wrongfully convicted.
  • Under 2000 words
  • Use #scifi
Prompt Two: On the subject of imagination
Write a poem imagining you are between dreams. Stretch your imaginations beyond the world of logic and fact and imagine that you can inhabit “in between” spaces. What would it feel like? What would you do? Or not do?
  • This submission can be in any form of poetry you choose. (haiku, free-verse, limerick, etc.
  • Use #inbetween
Prompt Three: Let it burn
If you could throw five items into the fire, what would they be and why? To be clear, by throwing them in this fire, there would be no trace of them left anywhere, even if it’s something on the Internet or a memory. This is a very powerful fire. What would the consequences be?
  • Under 1000 words
  • Use #letitburn

You are welcome to submit pieces for any of the prompts, or multiple, but please only one. Like this piece if you're planning on participating. Can't wait to read!! Comment the links to your pieces, and their prompt number down below.

Best of each prompt: 4 likes, a follow, and 3 detailed reviews (you can choose)
1st Runner-up: 3 likes, a follow, 2 detailed reviews (you choose)
2nd Runner-up: 2 likes, a follow, and 1 detailed review (you choose)

If there's enough entries, I will plan on giving shout-outs to honorable mentions. Those will receive a like on their pieces.

Good Luck!!! 


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1 Comment
  • Princess Maria

    Great prompts! I am stealing the privilege of being the first one (unless you have other versions of this piece) to submit!
    Mine for prompt 1

    almost 2 years ago