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He'd certainly lived a life #ArtofCompression

By: The Moving Finger Writes


The two prisoners sat in their cell. The morning light shone through the barred window, illuminating the dirt on their pillows and clothing, and Samuel sighed. “Sun’s up, Dmitri.”

“So it is,” Dmitri said. “You ready?”

“Who’s ever ready for death?” Samuel said.

Dmitri laughed bitterly, glancing at the cocoon of bandages around his hand. “Fair point, mate.”

Suddenly a knock sounded on the door. “Prisoners 1243 and 9383, come with me. Two guards entered the room. “It’s time.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Dmitri said. He made no move to get up. “Just give me a second.” The prisoner closed his eyes, remembered all he had done, the good and the bad. He’d certainly lived a life. Then he opened his eyes and held his hands out.

“Alright, boys,” he said, “take us away.” 

Peer Review

Everything, the writing style, the mood, the theme, the entire piece was absolutely amazing!

I'd love to know what the prisoners did.

Reviewer Comments

Well done on this piece! You're an incredible writer! Never stop writing!