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The Length of Forever #ArtOfCompression

February 15, 2020


The woman sits with half-closed eyes, lost in a painful memory.

“I love you, Ana. I love you more than anything else, and I want to be with you forever.” The man’s earnest blue eyes had stared into her own, finding only unflinching grey.

“Forever?” She had echoed, sceptical.


She had thought about it for a moment. “Promise?”

“I promise.”

She had believed him.

Ana sighs. Those empty words had deceived her. Forever hadn’t seemed so permanent back then.

Rubbing her eyes, she stands up. “James?”

A thud from the study is accompanied by a cry of pain. “Ouch! I’m fine. Yes?”

“What are you doing?” Ana calls. She already knows the answer.

He fumbles for a response. “I’m... ah, working on... my project.”

Of course. The secret “project” that has dominated his life for six years. The project that means the study is deemed out of bounds. The project that has practically erased him from her existence.

Ana sighs, remembering another promise they made when they were young and full of foolish hope. A promise to explore the world together.

That promise disintegrated over the years, too. Now, James locks himself away, and Ana wallows in her misery. This is far from the forever they dreamed of.

“I’m done,” she says suddenly.

The door of the study flies open, letting out a puff of smoke that reeks of sulphur and failure. The acrid scent burns Ana’s nostrils.

James peers out. “Huh?”

“I’m done with sitting around, wasting my life. I’m leaving.”

“But w-where will you go?” He splutters.

Ana shrugs. “Anywhere away from here.”

“We promised! Forever!”

Ana takes one final look at the man she had thought she loved. “We lied.”

She turns and walks away, towards her future.
This is my entry for The Great Gabs-by's contest, for prompt 2 (#ArtOfCompression). Word count: 292


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