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I'm fifteen, I live in Kentucky, I'm a military kid, and I love writing.

Push My Luck

December 26, 2019


And I'm back again with a random blurb of my thoughts. The quote is from the song Push my Luck by the Chainsmokers.
My phone turns on to 92 new messages. All from the same chat. It was only dead for an hour. I can't stop smiling. It took me a while to believe it, but I'm starting to think they might actually love me back. That never happens, I usually start to love people quickly and deeply, but nobody has ever loved me back the same way. Never in my life have I gone from completely and totally alone to having a ton of people that have my back and who I love and who love me back. It's unlike anything I've ever seen before, but I love these people more than I've ever loved anyone in my life, and that love isn't fragile anymore. Earlier, I compared our relationship to a glass skyscraper right before an earthquake. Amazing and beautiful and breathtaking, but easily destroyed in a single moment. I was scared of drifting apart, of becoming strangers again and having to start over, but I'm finally starting to believe that they're here. And this is real. This is real.

I smile and pick up my phone. 'Brooming??"

I think I might push my luck with you. I think you might push back. 


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