“In the darkness, two shadows, reaching through the hopeless heavy dusk. Their hands meet, and light spills in a flood, like a hundred golden urns pouring out the sun.” -Madeline Miller, “The Song Of Achilles.”


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Hey! Tell Me Cool Things About Yourself! #Q&AContest

December 26, 2019


  • This one has always been something that’s hounded me, so: glory or wisdom?
  • If offered immortality, would you take it? To be more specific, this bored sort of deity has offered you complete immortality, and as such,  it’s all or nothing. Either you take it and stay around for all that silence (I actually do not know if it would be silent, please leave me be,) when the universe dies out or you go through your normal biological process. Before you think of all the existential dread that that prospect offers you, think of all the skills you could master, the people you could meet and how much of the universe you’d be able to explore. Think of what you could achieve. 
  • What pantheon of gods is your favourite? Could you tell me why?  For example, I’d go with the Greeks and it’s purely for the aesthetic and the idealization of the heroes. They’re fun to write about. 
  • Who’s your favourite person from history? :) 
  • Do you think you’d be able to give me whacky plans for some sort of theoretical time machine? Go as crazy as you want! Do not worry about the laws of physics!
  • What’s your favourite thing about space? Personally, every time I see a  picture of the Pillars of Creation I go a little crazy. 
  • If you could have any job you wanted (let’s go with besides author or other writing related dreams) regardless of money, intelligence and other factors what would it be? I’d be an astronaut, I think. Although my other choices have been looking more and more attainable lately. 
  • Give me an idea for a random curse that would only mildly inconvenience someone. No bodily harm allowed!
  • What’s your favourite colour? Is it green? I love green.
  • If you were given your own tropical island what would you name it? 
  • What’s your favourite word? Why is it your favourite? Is it because it has a nice meaning? Does it roll off the tongue all silky like?
  • What’s your thoughts on the whole primary colour debate? Is it magenta, cyan and yellow or red, blue and yellow?
  • Are you also mind boggled by the glaring fact that magenta is not a real colour?
  • Swords are cool, right? Give me a design for a sword. Go all out. Talk about how there’s a dragon skull carved into its pommel. Tell me how it shines in the dying sun! 
  • And finally a calm, soothing sort of a question. How are things? You doing good? 
So, there’s 15 questions altogether, I think? Big thanks to Julia for hosting this contest. Also, if a question tickles your fancy, feel free to answer only one of them in the comments below. If you’re feeling extra cool and decide to answer all of them, link the piece down below!


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  • Starflower

    #Q&AContest results are up!


    8 months ago
  • Anha

    i absolutely loved these questions! thanks for entertaining me for a bit.

    9 months ago
  • Starflower

    Thank you so much for entering my contest! Your questions are great! (and it's fine that you kind of gave your answers for a few of them; I don't mind at all) :)

    9 months ago