Isla-Grace Davies

United Kingdom

My name is Isla and I always try to do the write thing.

Staticity (or Trying To Forget You In The Modern Age)

December 26, 2019


Who are we to scoff at Fools?
Deluded, snarling, breaking rules. 
Snow queens, set to underwhelm,
sit frozen in this blue-lit realm. 
Fingers draped in strong, gold belts,
(To cover up the zits and welts).
Countdown to those out of reach;
Sweet entrails cling to pits of peach. 
They need to see it: friend or neighbour. 
Photocopy, echo chamber. 
Send. Refresh. We’re living here. 
Eyes are vacant (or so I hear).
So share a tonin, or two, or ten,
To lock out noise, and us, and them.


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