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I don't exactly know where I was going with this piece, but hopefully there's something to be seen here. I hope you enjoy!

Paper Lanterns

July 24, 2020


She held her heart in sorrow and hope.
For sorrow, all the people that she lost, and the people she might lose in the future.
For hope, she had a dream that there would one day be peace in the land, and in herself. She held that dream close to her heart. 
The warm air wrapped her like a blanket, easing her weary bones. 
The soothing color of the place calmed her, if only for a little while. 
A smile played on her lips, though there were tears to accompany it. 
The lantern in her hand burnt bright, as if it was a compounded sun. 
It was time.
She lifted the lantern, her last offering to the gods, up into the sky, taking great care that she didn't rip the delicate little thing.
It floated up higher and higher, as it were a lost star rising up to rejoin the cosmos. 
She laid down in the soft grass, listening to the quiet whispers of the earth. 
it will be all right.   
She lowered her eyelids, letting the world before her blur.  
Right at that moment, the weight on her shoulders disappeared. She had never felt so light in her life. 
The song of the cicadas relaxed her, easing any knots in her mind. 
A certain wind began to take it's course. 
The spirits had finally come. 
The oddest sensation passed through every part of her being, like she was dissolving.
But it didn't bother her in the slightest.    
She was only drifting like a river.  


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1 Comment
  • happygiggles

    This is beautiful! The language used really helps create a sense of relief when she lets go of the lantern. I also liked the fact that the girl was not just smiling, but also crying, it really showcases the emotions perfectly and explains how even though it hurts to let people go, we know that it's good for us. Whilst it is important to grieve, after sometime we have to learn to adapt to life without that person and let go of them without letting go of the memories. In conclusion, this poem is a-m-a-z-I-n-g! Also, sorry if this didn't make any sense xD happy giggling! (:

    22 days ago