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December 26, 2019


At the end of those days that drag on forever,
You know, the ones where you look at your watch in anticipation,
And what feels like an hour,
Is really just 5 minutes?

Those days when they are harder then the others,
They seem to occur more frequently now,
The annoyingly loud school bell rings for the end of just another weary day,
Yet the sharp realisation that you still have to ride home stings you like a needle.

Well yeah, that's basically what schools like for me.

Back when I was little,
Like primary school age,
School used to be pretty fun.
There was art, and reading and easy math.
Then lunch times, man they were the best!

But the high school comes along,
The "awkward years," as I like to call them.
Kids are arrogant, bullies in all corners,
The pressure of achieving A's and B's,
Even just keeping a social status!

So at the end of another long and sometimes awful day,
When as I open  the rusty latch through the back gate,
And unlock the house,
Everything is quiet,
Just me.

At the start of the "awkward year,"
I would grab a notebook and write,
Just the notebook, the pencil and I,
And I was my own critique.

But then this got kinda boring after a while,
You know trying to improve but you only have yourself,
Yeah, that's really hard.
But then, I found Write the World.

When I found out about it,
I have to admit I was kinda excited,
It was in a creative writing class before school,
My teacher, was who told me about.
"You might find it useful," were the words she said to me.

So when we were let into class,
For the first lesson of the day,
Boring Math's class,
That's when I discovered the magic behind WtW.

I remember the first piece I clicked on was "Start Writing.''
There was when I wrote my first piece on WtW.
It was the story I had just finished before school,
Clicking Publish was incredibly satisfying.
I watched the site reload and go to the dashboard.

This is where my love for writing awakened.
The love within me,
Hidden in the darkest depths within my soul,
My passion for this unknown talent.

Later that afternoon,
I rode home with excitement,
Excited about this new discovery.
I love the sound of tapping at a keyboard,
And the sensation of the jump at the keys,
Another weird idiosyncrasy, I guess.

The excitement of going onto google and going on WtW,
There it was,
I remember excitement rushing violently through me,
As I noticed the vibrant red notification,
"See notifications.'
'James! liked your piece Above the Stars,'
That was the day my writing path was established.

I often like to think about how I was 2 years ago,
A shy grade seven-er,
Knowing nobody in the class,
And then WtW came,
And changed my life,
My story,
And my legacy.

The site has given me so much,
The confidence to share my work,
The confidence to tell other people about it,
But most importantly,
I've had the courage to say,
'"I'm a writer."


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  • caityege

    I loved writing this piece

    Thanks :)

    about 1 month ago
  • MimiChoudhury

    Omg wow!! Thank you participating

    about 1 month ago