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Message to Readers

My bones still ache and my skin skin still shivers from marching an endless parade through the night. Early morning has never seemed less beautiful through a haze of sweat over my eyes; and yet you- walking with you- maybe that wasn't so bad.

Things that Fall

December 28, 2019


A pencil off my desk in the middle of a test
My drink (I blame the cat)
Lots of Canadian water into New York
Leaves from the big tree in my front yard
The house of cards I made because I didn't know how to play poker
Birds, more often than you'd think
The first domino
The last domino
Trees in the forest (even when no one's around to hear them)
My very old dog
My little sister in high heels
Shooting stars
Me, trying to walk down stairs
My brothers, out of the canoe (twice)
The Sun and Moon into the horizon
Day into Night
Summer into Autumn
And I, so desperately in love with you

Credit to an unknown author as inspiration that I saw on the inter-webs and I'm having some trouble finding again


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  • Loser

    The last line is beautiful.

    10 months ago