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December 26, 2019


I'm watching from the window
As you stand in the street
In the rain
The water keeps sliding off you, like it wants to get your clothes wet but it can't
I catch your eyes and they are bright
They radiate light like my phone at midnight
Each imprinted little dots on my eyes that I could see when I looked away
I looked away
I looked back
And you were gone
I was looking through the window 
To an empty street
In the rain

I saw your face in leaves on my tree
No details
Just three eyes as bright as anything staring with a smirk
Three little lights where a person should be
I moved to get closer
I moved
And you were gone

I keep lighting things on fire
Candles, logs, fireworks
Just to hold a little bit of light in my control
Your eyes
Are not under my control
You do not exist, but you are there

You’re watching from the mountains 
As I wander through the forest
In the rain
And the water keeps running into me and soaking through my skin because it can
I catch your eyes, but mistake them for stars 
It is midnight
I look around and it's too dark to see anything
I look around
I look back
And I am gone
There is no one watching from a mountain
To an empty forest
In the rain


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1 Comment
  • Loser

    I love how you repeated "in the rain." It captured the mood of the piece beautifully.

    10 months ago