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By: |F|


I don’t sleep and there are many reasons why

I don’t sleep because I love silents 

I don’t sleep because I love how my brains scares me with imaginary demons 

I don’t sleep because I love looking at nothing 

I don’t sleep because it a perfect time to remember my past 

The painful memories of guilt and regret 

The memories that no one wants to listen 

But you got to remember 

Because it who you are 

Peer Review

The end, the last two lines wrap it up all nice.

Do you see actual things or is it all metaphorical?

Reviewer Comments

Do you Iike looking at nothing or at dark? Believe it or not there is a difference, in dark you can make out shadows and forms based on the lighting and how well you know that room, nothing is, well nothing. If placed in a white room would you be entertained, watching your demons fly by or be bored out of your mind?