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Well what can I say am just a kid trying to live his life

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I want them to see what I see


December 23, 2019

PROMPT: YOU in threes

I am mysterious 

I am a trickster 

I am a listener 

There many words to describe me but there are word that can’t 

I am sensitive 

I am quiet 

I am peaceful 

I can read people feelings like a book and understand their pain, their happinesses

but I have many weakness which some are still unknown 

I am weak 

I am slow

I am lonely 

I am hurt 

There are many more but it best to be unknown 

I know how life works and how it broken and cruel to innocent or evil people 

I can see pain and suffering of many children 

There are many words to describe me 

There are many words to describe you 



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1 Comment
  • Fabiana250

    This was really deep. I really like it and I can relate with some of the adjectives you used to describe yourself.

    11 months ago