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"People are not to be blamed for their doubts, but that they make no effort to arrive at the truth."
—W.H. Davies

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Beautiful | #beautyofessence

December 23, 2019


​Many people tell me that I'm beautiful on the inside as well as outside. But they are only right about one, and they know it. They tell me that I'm pretty--that I'm beautiful-- yet they flinch when they look at the burnt side of my face, where the flames have gnawed at the flesh, tearing it apart. They don't think that I notice it-- the sharp intake of breath, the widened eyes, sometimes even a small gasp-- but I do. I notice it all, try as they might to cover it up.

A kid at the supermarket had once asked me what that thing was on my face. I wish I'd told him that it was the mark of a phoenix that had burst into flames, only to rise from the ashes again. But I had remained frozen to that spot for some seconds-- with the kid staring at my face with curiosity-- only to run away in a burst of tears. I wish I'd never done that, but when have I never got what I wished for?

The flames had gnawed at my flesh, tearing it apart. But they couldn't reach the flame inside me, and I'm glad for that. I'm glad that when people tell me that I'm beautiful on the inside as well as outside, they are right at least about one.


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